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This was a fantastic show, can’t wait to season 2 Another L by Netflix, watched it tonight this shit makes no sense. plaza.rakuten.co.jp/rumagokuke/diary/201902170000


WTF oh yes I'm watching this Netflix and chill O WILLOW WALLY 😨 i live already for this show


Is this maniac or a new trailer? I personally know the girl who played Christina. XD She hates this movie with a passion. Its amazing im in luv with this show they should have a season 2 Agendas. Pushing those agendas. Tired of all the agendas in the netflix shows/movies. Now with commercials? I'm done with netflix. Gotta love SenseStr8 ht3xmqep


Pinchi Netflix fuiste tu el del mutador del cine?! >:v

Shit looks good af







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  • 1000 / 1000